Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Screening. A humanist and pacifist film, La Grande Illusion was banned both in Nazi Germany and occupied France during World War II. Benefitting from masterly performances by three leading film actors, Pierre Fresnay, Eric Von Stroheim and Jean Gabin, Jean Renoir's timeless work is still, even to this day, considered to be one of the best French and international films ever made.

In 1917, in a German prisoner of war camp, a group of French prisoners, including an aristocrat, Boieldieu, a foreman, Maréchal and a Jewish banker, Rosenthal, plan an escape. At the last minute, they are transferred to a fortress run by Von Rauffenstein who sympathizes with Boieldieu...

Thursday 28 January 7.30pm
French version with English subtitles, 108 min.

Information and booking: library@alliance-francaise.ie
Admission Free. Seats are limited to 15 and restricted to Members.


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