Monday, March 8, 2010


Parade. To celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, the Alliance Française will take part in the Dublin parade and be represented by the Bagad (traditional Breton music group), Glaziked of Pouldergat. The group which was created in 1946, has evolved locally since 1990 under the direction of Pascal Le Friant. This ensemble is made up largely of pipers, bombards and drums from the Pouldergat locality, trained at the school of band music. The repertoire is mainly traditional Breton tunes occasionally influenced by traditional tunes from elsewhere. The Costumes known as Glazik are very bright in colour and quite characteristic of the geographical location of Pouldergat (Finistère). This event is supported by Région Bretagne, ULAMIR du Goyen and the St Patrick’s Festival Committee.

17 March From 12-noon to 2pm - starting at Parnell Square, D1

Breton evening. To complete the Breton experience the Alliance Française invites you to come and try out our Crêpes event. In partnership with French Crêpes we offer you the opportunity to enjoy a crêpe meal in a festive ambiance provided by the Glaziked band, who will introduce you to traditional Breton music.

17 March from 6.30pm to 9pm at the Alliance Française

Price: AF members €8 / Non-members €12 Tickets include one drink and one traditional Breton crêpe. Online registration is available. For further information, contact Reception: (01) 676 17 32 or

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