Monday, April 26, 2010

Ciné Club - Mon Oncle by Jacques Tati


Thursday 29 April - 7.30pm
On the occasion of the Franco-Irish Literary Festival whose theme this year is The City, the Ciné-Club suggests that you see or see once again Mon Oncle by Jacques Tati, which was first shown in 1958. The first film in colour by the director this absolute masterpiece received the Oscar for the Best Foreign Film that year.
M. and Mme Arpel live in a very modern house in a lethargic neighbourhood. Game, chance and humour have no place in this too-well designed universe. Their son, Gérard, is bored. But that's where his uncle M. Hulot makes his appearance, an idiosynchratic misfit...

French version with French subtitles, 110 min.

Information and booking:
Admission Free. Seats are limited to 15 and restricted to Members.

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